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06-29-08, 05:09 AM
Hi, I just have a very strange problem with my 9800 GTX card.

I bought a new PC (came with Vista) and it had the 9800 GTX and a 850W PSU (to use it later for SLi). Anyway i didn't like the Vista and installed XP on it (SP2).

Since then, any time i log on to XP i receive a message saying that the power gable for the card is not connected and there might be problems with the power if i don't do it. Out of curiocity I opened the case and the card is connected just fine (with its exrta power cable). The strange thing is that on Vista I had never received that message.
Also the problem still appears when I updated the drivers. Also when I try to run sume games (Lineage2, Crysis) at the begining of the game (when the graphics kicks in) the whole PC just freezes and the screen goes either black or white.

Q9450 @ 2.66
4GB DDR2 ram
9800 GTX 512
850W PSU

If i need to post any further information please tel me how to get them cause I'm not to good with PCs

thnx :D

XFX Support
06-30-08, 01:07 PM
Are you able to try connecting a different power cable to the video card?