View Full Version : Abit of a problem

06-29-08, 03:21 PM

I recently installed newer nv driver v177.41 and now i cannot adjust resizing of my desktop.

No matter what i set it at it wont hold, at the moment i using 1920*1080 1080p24.

I also cant select anymore hdtv setting of 1080p if i do the desktop res goes to 800*600 and when i move it back to 1920*1080 it goes back to 1080p24.

I want 1080p cos i could set my refreshrate at 70hz

When i was using driver v177.26 everything was fine no problems at all it all happened as soon as i installed v177.35 and v177.41.

I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling all three drivers mentioned and none of the settings work in all of them.

Someone please help, by the way i connected via HDMI-DVI if that helps.

Oops forgot to mention im using vista64 and ive already used driver sweeper, still no luck.

06-29-08, 03:44 PM
First of all, download Driver Cleaner Pro over at Guru3D.com. Install it.

- Uninstall current drivers
- Reboot into safe mode
- Run DC Pro > Clean with Driver.cab > Clean with nVidia Filter
- Reboot Windows normally
- Install new drivers