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07-01-08, 05:27 AM
I saw someone saying at the NV forums that PhysX 'is working' on a 8800 GTX

I've got an 8800 Ultra running the 177.40 drivers with no problems, bit faster than 175.16/19

I see both physics options greyed out in the PhysX panel, seems reasonable as I saw NVidia say that 8800 cards will have PhysX-enabled drivers in a few weeks, no problem waiting

But I saw someone say that up top ^ so I'm curious :)

Has anyone on an 8800 Ultra (GTX really) got the tickable options on the PhysX drivers setup please? And can see the benefit. If so, which drivers/inf file etc?


07-01-08, 06:09 AM
currently physx only works on GT200 (GTX 260, GTX 280) and G92 (9800GTX, 9800GTX+, 8800GT, 8800GTS 512 etc..) based cards

8800GTX, 8800 Ultra, 8800GTS 320, 8800GTS 640 are G80 based, those are not currently supported.

07-01-08, 12:42 PM
Plus, right now there is only two apps that work with it and they are 3dmark Vantage and UT3.

07-02-08, 04:52 AM
Thanks both


07-07-08, 08:32 PM
I wonder if or when previous PhysX enabled games will be able to take advantage this. Seems to me like it would be a pretty easy thing through driver updates, no game patching would seem needed, I hope this is what they have planned.

07-07-08, 09:17 PM
game patching shouldn't be necessary.

just mod the physx driver to capture ageia calls and point them to geforce physx. samething what Alchemy does with DirectSound3D to OpenAL

07-07-08, 10:22 PM
I hear Microsoft plan to have Aero support PhysX. So if you shake a window to suddenly, all your icons will fall out realistically.

07-07-08, 10:36 PM
I would like to to more front end options in the control panel so that if people have say two cards or on board IGP, then you can choose to use one card for rendering and the other for physics.