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07-01-08, 04:09 PM
i have a 500 HD and i am trying to intall windows in it the thing is that when iam going to do it it tells me that it can not install windows because the way the HD is format ??????

07-01-08, 05:05 PM
Make sure the jumper/cable is set to Master where you're installing it. And make sure it's NTFS formatted.

Is it a new HDD? If it isn't, then you may need to fix the MBR (edit: was MBR) on the HDD so Vista can actually see it. I had to use Hiren's Boot CD on one of my old drives once. I used google to find out everything I needed to fix and install it.

07-01-08, 07:25 PM
What does it say exactly?

07-01-08, 08:20 PM
windows can not install here HD is at GPT partition style!!!

07-01-08, 08:47 PM
One thing you could do is reformat and do a NTFS file system. You have the option to reformat when you enter in the Windows disk.

07-01-08, 11:17 PM
i try do that (when booting from the disk)it gives me an hourglass but it still tells me that its in GPT or GUID style format (wich i google it up and it said it was the same thing) i try going in to the bios and looking aroung and nothing i am stump!!!!!! any help would be appriciated

07-02-08, 02:55 AM
I used google and searched for vista + hard drive + GPT and got 23,600 hits in 0.09 seconds. :rolleyes:

But anyways,


and from vistax64.com (http://www.vistax64.com/general-discussion/119892-help-vista-install.html),

At the "Where do you want to install Windows?" screen hit Shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt.
Type "diskpart" and hit enter.
Type "list disk" and hit enter.
Type "select disk x" replacing x with the number of the disk you want to install Windows to.(Typically you will see a * under GPT for the disk you are having a problem installing to.)
Type "clean" and hit enter. (SEE NOTE BELOW!!!!!)
Type "exit" and hit enter.
Close the command prompt window.
Click Refresh in the "Where do you want to install Windows?" screen.
You should now be able to install windows on the disk that was GPT formatted.

***NOTE*** The clean command will destroy ALL data on the disk you run it on!!! This includes any OEM specific hidden recovery partitions etc. Be absolutely SURE there is NOTHING you need to keep on that disk before running any of these commands. Also this typically converts the disk from GPT back to MBR, you may alternativly use the convert command in diskpart. To read the help in diskpart, type "help commandnamehere" for more info...

I was right about having to change the drive's MBR though. :captnkill:
That's pretty much the end-all solution for everything these days, hehe.

07-02-08, 07:11 PM