View Full Version : Should a Vista Ultimate 64bit run cooler then a 32bit XP System

07-05-08, 03:21 AM
I installed windows Vista Ultimate 64bit and got everthing working perfect.I loaded up Coretemp and was running Prime95 in the hardest stress test and my idles temp were
Cpu1-37c, Cpu2-37c, Cpu3-32c, Cpu4-32c and then I ran the stress test though 12 cycles and tempertures were Cpu1-56c, Cpu2-56c Cpu3-52c, Cpu4-52c.With Windows XP and my CPU a B3 Quad 6600 set at the same clock 3.240gigs and voltage at 1.31v my idle tempertures were the same but my load tempertures were higher Cpu1-62c, Cpu2-62c, Cpu3-58c, Cpu4-58c.I would have thought running a 64bit program it would have worked harder.I am useing the lastest Coretemp Version .when I looked in my bios it shows 31c ,but I don't know where that one is reading from.Does anyone else get similar results.I guess I might go back to 3.5gig if it is running that much cooler.

07-05-08, 12:11 PM
Nobody notice any difference in tempertures between windowsXP 32bit and going to Windows Vista 64bit.

07-09-08, 01:38 AM
Interesting but I've not run that experiment. Perhaps a bug in the monitoring SW (not doing the math rigth) and/or the stress test (not stressing as much) under 64-bit Vista? It would have been good to have had some additional means of temp monitoring to compare before vs after.
-- BCK

07-12-08, 08:32 AM
The only one I ever got to work with all four cores was CoreTemp and I used it with my 32bit version and with the 64bit version and Prime95 is the only one I could find that would stress all four cores at once.with my 32bit version and my 64bit version.