View Full Version : GTX280 stuck in 3d performance mode

07-05-08, 05:27 AM
Using 177.41, card is no longer returing to 2d or low power modes, fan is also holding at as a result, even stuck in 3d mode after restart. :thumbdwn:

nvidia really have laid a turd this time round haven’t they. :thumbdwn:

07-05-08, 06:33 AM

Check post #9.

But it does work on intel chipsets, after resintalling the driver the power saving mode, and 2d mode are working fine again, this is just another stupid bug, what your looking at is a different issue completely, I was stuck in 3d mode, it wasnt even droppping back to 2d mode, neithermind power saving mode.

07-05-08, 06:10 PM
Just figured out whats causing this, whenever I enable the second display using dualview or clone the card jumps to 3d performance mode until I return back to single display..

Nice bug. :(