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07-06-08, 08:37 AM

I'm currently running an Asus GTX 280 on which I installed an Aquacomputer Aquagrafx 200 water block. I just did a short functionality test with the card before I installed the water block so I can't say much about the behaviour of the card before installing the water block except that the card basically seemed to work - which it still does.
Everest and GPU-Z are however always reporting a 0 GPU temperature which jumps around to 64 sometimes in Everest and in GPU-Z also sometimes to 192. So basically I always get a reading of 0 (most of the time), 64 or 192.
When playing GRID the game stutters a bit.

I also had a BFG GTX 280 in this PC with stock air cooler and the temperature was fine with this one and also no stuttering in GRID.

In another board I read about someone with the same problem, the guy also got an Asus card, I don't know if he has installed a water block tho (I guess not). http://www.computerbase.de/forum/showthread.php?t=434616 (GERMAN)

Does anyone else have this problem and maybe has a solution or knows what is causing the problem?

The GPU surrounding/PCB temperature is correctly reported btw (37).

07-06-08, 09:04 AM
Did you try Rivatuner? That's generally what people use for oc'ing and temp monitoring. Everest reads my temps low and I don't really trust GPU-Z to give accurate temps, just clock speeds. Probably won't be any different, but worth a shot.

07-06-08, 09:45 AM
tried installing but my Vista 64 moaned about some not signed driver that it won't install.

also i wouldn't mid that much about the temperateure reading but about the stuttering and that is definitely there :(

07-06-08, 12:52 PM
When you installed 2.09, did you select "install updates"? that should provide a signed vista64 driver. And the stuttering, is Grid the only game that does it? Also, post the rest of your specs.

07-06-08, 04:30 PM
I got a BFG GTX 280 with stock air cooler in there right now and no problems whatsoever with this, temperatur is reported correctly and no stuttering in GRID. At the moment I have only GRID installed.

My specs are:
Q9450 at default speed
Gigabyte X48-DQ6
Vista 64 Ultimate

What I did notice is that GPU-Z reports BIOS 62.00.0E.00.0F for the BFG card that works but 62.00.0E.00.01 for the Asus card that has these problems.

Is there any way to update the card's BIOS? I didn't find any BIOS downloads on nvidia site and with google, but I didn't look around that much yet.

07-06-08, 06:12 PM
You can flash the edit/flash your bios but it will void your warranty. I wouldn't recommend doing so because you have no way of knowing if it will fix the problem, and then you can't get a replacement. Install 3Dmark06 or some other game to bench, just to make sure. Have you tried the ASUS 280 in other configurations such as a different board, slot or PSU? Probably already tried this but I'm just making sure :)

07-06-08, 08:03 PM
flashed it to the bios of the bfg now - no change, still wrong temps and stutter :(

i tried both slots yes, no change either.

psu is a 1000w corsair - should be good enuff :)

well, i think i'm gonna flash it back and return it to the dealer...

07-07-08, 11:47 AM
looks like problem is caused because of missing fan & temperature sensor when the waterblock is installed. if i attach the cable even when waterblock is installed everything is fine... see also here http://www.aqua-computer-systeme.de/cgi-bin/YaBB/YaBB.pl?board=1;action=display;num=1215423998 (GERMAN)
stuttering might be caused by everest when cable is not attached, but i gotta check this...

...update: it's not everest