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07-07-08, 01:38 PM
Alright, so I am playing TF2 and this guy was whining how he bought his graphics card at X amount (don't remember what he was saying, too busy healing people in Goldrush) and it doesn't offer VFM anymore, after that he decides to type:

"damn c*nts*

Cursing the company/card/whatever.

I replied:

"You mean ****s?"

Then he types: "Watch your language!"


I don't get offended by profanity, both in real life and over the internet. God knows I use plenty of it in both realms... but for the life of me, I can't understand why you would say something offensive/derogatory and then censor it. I mean, doesn't that defeat the purpose of cursing in the first place? Who are you trying to protect? kids? Then don't say something in the first place. But whats with the moronic double standards?

Yeah, pointless thread. lol. :headexplode:

07-07-08, 02:27 PM
Heh, that guy wouldn't had lasted two seconds on the 2Fort server I was playing on last night. The admin was throwing back shots of vodka, the language was flying and no subject was safe. It was all in spirit of good fun, too (well, one guy took offense when religion came up and left...).

07-07-08, 02:53 PM
It depends on the server you're playing on. I know some server admins ban for stuff like cussing, maybe he just didn't want to get banned.

07-07-08, 03:37 PM
Jiminy christmas, this thread is the stuff.

07-07-08, 03:41 PM
You can kill my brother failclaw. He is no longer my brother.

07-08-08, 03:31 AM
It depends on the server you're playing on. I know some server admins ban for stuff like cussing, maybe he just didn't want to get banned.
He was the admin....:headexplode:

07-08-08, 04:19 AM
He was the admin....:headexplode:

Well then kudos to him!

Far too many admins out there that set a bad example when they break their own rules!


07-08-08, 08:43 AM
People who curse need to learn proper grammar. :)

07-08-08, 07:07 PM
I don't think I have ever played a Multiplayer game and been able to play more than 1 hour without getting banned for cussing.. haha. I love it...

07-08-08, 07:11 PM
People who curse need to learn proper grammar. :)

**** ****** ******* ****!

07-08-08, 07:25 PM
**** ****** ******* ****!
Watch your language :nono:

07-08-08, 09:45 PM
Watch your language :nono:


07-08-08, 10:01 PM
I still remember one time I was playing Firearms mod back in the day and this really irritating guy would not shut up. I guess one of the other players was a lady friend of his and he was talking to her constantly about things completely unrelated to the game. He sounded like he was 50-something and had a very strong southern accent.

Everyone was running around blowing eachother's brains out, bleeding, screaming in pain, etc...

And I got stuck on a glitchy part of the map and said "god dammit". The guy was like "Now listen here you, I don't want to hear no cussing like that. We got ladies here." as if me saying god and dammit in the same message was somehow more damaging to these dainty little women's brains than splattering someone's guts on a wall with an AK-47.


07-08-08, 10:22 PM
I type cursive.

07-09-08, 11:33 AM
This thread needs more zazz.

07-09-08, 11:42 AM
lots of cursing in the COD4 clan that i am in :)