View Full Version : Asus Striker Extreme Handle GTX 260 SLI?

07-09-08, 11:46 AM
I currently have a Asus Striker extreme MOBO. I was wondering if this board will handle the GTX 260 in SLI? I am not sure if the Striker Extreme will handle PCIE 2.0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07-09-08, 12:29 PM
Yeah, no probs. I don't think any SLI mobo would have any trouble with any cards in SLI.

07-09-08, 12:46 PM
Can the Striker handle PCIE 2.0. And if not will that degrade the performance of the GTX 260?

07-09-08, 01:30 PM
Not really... You'll be fine.

07-10-08, 10:16 AM
No, PCIE 1.1 and 2.0 are backwards compatible. SLI data is rendering data is transfered via the bridge from slave to master card. So very little occurs on the PCIE bus anyways.