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07-10-08, 04:20 AM
Specs http://www.evga.com/community/ModsRigs/comment.asp?sysid=5160

This is how the error looks like:

I play for 10->12 hours gametime, maybe more or less. Its very random.
The game stops, I see a quick flash. The screen goes black, second screen starts to flicker with colors and horisontal lines. Sound plays on for about 5-6 seconds. Then it freeze, there is no BSOD visible. Have to hard reboot it.

Note: This only happens in this game, not other games. And yes i have been browsing Age of conan forums. Feel priviliged, im wanted to post here in case you had a solution. Not seen any fixes for me yet. :)

This is what I have tried:

- Every driver available from 169.25 and upwards.
- Uninstalling properly. Even deleted old files in Filerepositary folder.
- Every combination of driver settings in "Manage3d" in control panel.
- Underclocking
- Temps are fine, but fan running at 100%. CPU and MCP temps are also good.
- Uninstalling rivatuner
- Ingame settings for 3d and sound.
- Reinstalling soundcard drivers
- Upgrading chispet drivers.
- Ram memtest86 for 18 hours and orthos for 12 hours. Stable.
- Unlinked memory
- Various bios settings.
- Reinstalled some video codecs. K-Lite 4.0.0 now.
- Turning off AA and AF ingame, and from control panel.
- Forcing V-Sync on and OFF.
- PSU should be sufficent for this system.
- Turning off second monitor for dualview.

Any ideas?

07-10-08, 12:11 PM
It isnt you, its the pos Funcom has released to the public that is the problem. Probably the well known memory error is the culprit here.

07-10-08, 05:51 PM
Strange crash in Age of conan

My first thought was. . . A crash in AoC is not strange!

Best of luck fixing the issue. Do you get the client reset itself message at all before this happens?

07-22-08, 01:46 AM
I solved this problem.

Even though i had been testing my memory for 18 hours error free. They seemed to have fried up 1 week ago. I got a C1 error and freeze, and even froze in BIOS!

So I went to buy some new ram modules. Now I bought myself some corsairs again instead of OCZ. (No i aint gonna flame OCZ for anything, prolly good enough them)

It also occured that some permission rights and generally everything in Vista was screwed after all the lockups and everything, so i reinstalled vistax64 as well.

Now im lockup free and using a fresh install of vista and 4gb new Corsair ram, with the 169.25 drivers.

Not sure what fixed it, but 1 of these 3 :) My guessing is the Vista maybe. Ram crashes is in my understand a little different that what i experienced.