View Full Version : Memory Mhz settings using eVGA 680I motherboard.

07-10-08, 03:55 PM
If my motherboard Bios says I am running my ram at 801Mhz, am I really running at 1602Mhz? or 400.5Mhz and my Motherboard is already telling me the true DDR speed of 801?

I run a Q6600 at 9X1333 for 3.0Ghtz

Memory unlocked at 801Mhz

For 1:1 do I need to set it to read 1333 on the Motherboard or just 666?

I'm not sure my Corsair XMS2 can even get up to 1602Mhz with out blowing up. :)

07-12-08, 08:23 AM
If it is running fine how it is then I would not worry about it ,but to get 1:1 ratio you would need to set your memory at around 666mhz.