View Full Version : REALbasic - Compiles/Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

07-11-08, 07:05 AM

07-11-08, 08:26 AM
that looks awesome. thx Mike :D

07-12-08, 04:26 PM
heh, so much information in the video....

I wonder what kind of IDE they are using... I really like Visual Studio so if you can just use realbasic in VS just like VB, then I might be interested.

07-14-08, 10:41 AM
Sucks - I was totally sold on that, until I saw the price. 75 for the personal edition, 400 for the professional edition. Plus 500 for support. I love the idea of object-oriented programming and the cross-platform compiler is a killer feature, but 75 to develop software for an extra 0.6% of the market with Linux (who basically aren't a market anyway) and some 8% with MacOS really doesn't seem worth it, not when MS give away all their Express packages for nothing.

I'll be sticking with the MSDN Sub, methinks.

07-14-08, 10:53 AM
Count in bugs as well. Visual Studio 2005/8 is a proven technology, and excellent Express editions are free.