View Full Version : How good is this RAM for Overclocking my CPU?

Fook Me
05-12-03, 01:20 AM
When I get my AMD "Barton" 2500+ and imma OC it to 2800+, what cheap RAM is good??

How good is this GEIL RAM?


Or this RAM thats cheaper?


Fook Me
05-12-03, 01:44 AM

05-12-03, 04:25 AM
well were not answering, because we dont have to.

those days are over now. ram is properly labeled with its exact tested limits and so when we want to overclock we buy the next speed ram. however, namebrand is important because quality , when purchasing ram, is everything regarding future stability and even overclockability. (Mushkin, Corsair - good companies with a hi testing standard and a great warranty and integrity)

I have PC2100 ECC Regestered RAM (hi-end workstation stuff built for stability instead of speed. but for example...) its rated and tested at PC2100 CAS2 / CAS2.5 (i explain that below) and its meant to run at 266mhz for my system. If i want to overclock, i dont guess which speed i want. i KNOW that PC2700 is rated to run up to 333mhz and so i know that i can safely overclock my FrontSideBus up to 333mhz (which is the only way to overclock without unlocking your processor's multiplier)

CAS latency is the speed your computer can access the ram. kind of a rythmic thing i guess. running at CAS 2 is for speed at possible risk of stability and CAS 2.5 is for stability and slightly slower. usually ram is at its max speed when it cannot run stable at CAS2 at a certain speed. but all decent ram mfrs state the CAS speed in their ram.

YOU want the ram to be tested at CAS2 at the speed you desire (PC2700 for me) to overclock your FrontSideBus to. buy the higher speed rating and let the manufacturer of the ram tell you whats the best they have for the speed you wish to overclock to.

buy quality and you will always be happy with it (and more easily re-sell it in the future).

good luck. hope i was helpful