View Full Version : Driver or SLI - Dark & Slow

07-14-08, 12:58 PM
I have two games which seem to be having trouble on my system and I'm just not sure if it's an SLI problem or possibly immature drivers for the new 200 series of cards:

Trackmania United Forever: Depending on the environment I play on, I can have severe stuttering. I found that turning the Postprocess FX OFF and reducing some of the other settings seemed to improve and reduce the stutters, but with a single card I can play with these added features.

Mythos (Beta): In this game I have to turn the Shaders to medium or the entire game is near black.

What I'm wondering is if people running SLI on established cards (say a pair of 8800 GTs or something) have these problems to verify that it's either a problem with SLI in general, or just a problem with the currently available.

It may, obviously, be poor SLI support for these games in which case maybe somebody has found a profile that might fix it up somewhat too... anyway, thought I'd stop by to see if anyone else has these problems.