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07-15-08, 10:01 PM
From: Harold Ryan
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 7:00 PM
Subject: E3 Announce

For the last several months, we've been building toward a reveal of something exciting that Bungie is working on. We were looking forward to sharing that with our fan community during the week of E3. However, those plans were just changed by our publisher.

We realize that many of our fans are disappointed by this turn of events; members of the Bungie team share that disappointment.

When the right time comes, we look forward to sharing this exciting announcement with you. Until then, we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Harold Ryan
Bungie LLC

^^ From Bungie.net.

07-15-08, 10:08 PM
Yeah, EA had them pull the announcement of Marathon 4 at the last minute. They're having issues getting the rights to use Master Chief as a cameo character.

07-16-08, 02:35 AM
I heard that they were making Marathon 4 for Mac only.

07-16-08, 02:37 AM
I hope not. I was hoping for a PS3 version. ::(:

07-16-08, 03:17 AM
the ps triple version is coming as a top down 2D shooter because the CELL isn't powerful enough.

07-16-08, 03:24 AM
The Halo game without Master Chief ? (http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=53815)

07-16-08, 06:04 AM
Aaaww man I was really really looking foward to that. How incompentant is it to pull such a announcement they've been bragging about for weeks? I'll tell you, pretty damn incompetent :(

07-16-08, 06:33 AM
The Halo game without Master Chief ? (http://www.worthplaying.com/article.php?sid=53815)
I'm guessing it's Peter Jackson's Halo project.