View Full Version : GPU board heatsink facing down - is it a problem ?

07-16-08, 07:04 AM
I just installed a 8500GT based PCI-E video card with heatsink (i.e. no fan).

As it's an ATX tower case, the motherboard is in a vertical position, thereby the video card is horizontal, with the heatsink side facing down.
Can this be a problem ? Can it shorten the video card's lifetime ? Do I have to turn the PC case right 90 degrees to bring the heatsink to a vertical position ?

(According to the nvidia-settings utility on Linux the GPU temperature is 65-75 C, which is the green-yellow border area on the GUI. 75 degrees was reached when I ran OpenGL benchmarks, the normal temperature is around 62 C. In general, what is the acceptable temperature range ?)

Thx for any hint.

07-16-08, 07:24 AM
It shouldn't matter.

The fans and heatsinks are going to be facing different directions in different systems.

As long as there is sufficient ventilation in the case it shouldn't matter.

The temps you are reporting should be fine, especially for a card with passive cooling.