View Full Version : Would this be possible

07-16-08, 07:45 AM
Im thinking about getting a 280 to upgrade over my 8800GTX, i just hope bfg release a OC2 version of this card.

I was also considering getting the 4870x2 only problem being that i have a Asus AM2 crosshair mobo, would it be possible to run the 4870x2 in crossfire.

I know most of you are gonna say no, but why cant it be possible since im only using 1 PCI-E slot.

Is there any advantage of getting the 4870x2 over the 280, would 4870x2 run 1 gpu doing all the work or 2gpu doing combined work or 2gbp in crossfire mode.

Do you reckon they will release a 280x2, cos that would def blow away the 4870x2.

07-16-08, 07:55 AM
crossfire is handled by the card itself.

doesn't matter what board you have, as long as it has one PCI-E 16x