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07-16-08, 09:56 PM
Three evolving storylines in the Soviet, Allied and German armies, comprising 19 missions in 3 campaigns
7 bonus missions for different sides of the conflict
More than 50 new units to use in multiplayer mode
Realistic models of armament and military equipment recreated in accordance with design drawings and historical documents
System of ratings and statistics for every participant in multiplayer mode
New nation in multiplayer mode - Japan
Revised controls interface customizable and easier to use
New multiplayer maps and 2 new game modes
Highly detailed WWII environments and characters faithfully recreated with a cutting-edge graphics engine
Direct control system. Take over the control of every single soldier, or drive tanks and other vehicles, set up ambushes with antitank guns and blow your enemies up with precise and deadly aimed shots at their weak spots



07-16-08, 09:57 PM
Eh, It's not Company of Heroes.

07-16-08, 10:03 PM
sure looks like it

07-16-08, 10:15 PM
Sounds cool!

Direct control sounds interesting.

07-16-08, 10:48 PM
Wow nice details.

07-17-08, 01:41 AM
And don't forget co-op (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/02/29/interview-men-of-war/), this game will support it

RPS - Will co-op play be returning? And do you consider it more or less important than competitive multiplayer?

CK - I’m holding my protective hand above this feature - Men of War will have a co-op game mode, and the most interesting one of the series for sure. Whether I consider it as more important than competitive multiplayer is really a hard question… I think both game modes are very unique in their nature, and it strongly depends on the player himself. In my personal opinion co-op is superior to any competitive multiplayer if you play together with a couple of friends, since weak and strong players can help out each other and it’s fun for both no matter how good you are. It’s simply playing together as a team, almost a social variant of multiplayer gaming, while competitive multiplayer is definitely more challenging if played via Internet with lots of different opponents.

07-17-08, 01:45 AM
I'm not that impressed

07-17-08, 11:44 AM
It's a sequel to this game - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7447269550931227969&hl=en

And this game was the sequel to Soldiers Heroes of World War II. This series is in a different league compared to CoH, which is just a RTS. Men of War is a tactical war game, no bases or health bars on vehicles, only tactical gameplay. Soldiers and Faces of War two of my favorites.