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07-17-08, 02:33 AM
Hi all,

I have bought recently a Netgear RANGEMAX NEXT ADSL2+ MODEM WIRELESS-N ROUTER for my living room and I have had a laptop connected for months to the router via Wireless with DHCP with no problems, I had internet and everything was great.

A few days ago I finally set-up my desktop computer and connected it as well to the router with DHCP, this time via network cable. Things were working fine until yesterday, when suddenly my laptop started to disconnect from the router every minute. As I had set the laptop to automatically connect to the router SSID, the laptop keeps trying to connect, but never lasts more than one minute. The security settings from the router are set as WPA2 and the key is correct, I also took a look at the channel set on the router and it's set as AUTO.

The only thing that I did lately that could have something to do with it is that I have set a network between them, the laptop has XP pro SP3 and the desktop Xp x64 SP2. I guess i did nothing wrong, as I could access the shared folders on the laptop from the desktop computer, that means the network is working.

And here comes the funniest thing of all: when the desktop computer is off and obviously not connected to the router, the laptop works perfectly!! and there are no drop-outs to be seen.

What's wrong??

If the problem is because of creating the network, how can I, let's say, erase the network??

Help will be highly appreaciated.


07-17-08, 06:10 AM
sounds like Universal plug and play. try to turn it off in the router ans see what happens.