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07-18-08, 08:24 AM
The worlds first commercially available liquid metal based CPU cooler...

Danamics has developed an efficient, reliable and scalable technology base for cooling of high heat flux semiconductors.
The technology is described in parts containing information about the unique electromagnetic pump with its patent pending multi-string design and the liquid metal with its superior thermo physical characteristics.

Electromagnetic pumps have been used for decades and have been seen in a variety of applications. From space crafts and satellites, on nuclear-driven surface warships and submarines and also in land based nuclear reactors and industrial applications. In space, at sea, at land and now also as a key element for hot spot cooling. An electromagnetic pump has several advantages over typical mechanical pump designs. It contains no moving parts, shafts, seals, etc., emits no noise or vibration, has unlimited MTBF and suffers no performance degrading over time. Typically electromagnetic pumps have had the drawback of a high current requirement. The Danamics patent pending multi-string electromagnetic pump eliminates this limitation and delivers a high flow with minimal current input. Due to the small size and power requirements, the multi-string pump makes a liquid metal cooler suitable for use in smaller applications such as home computers, workstations and even laptops.

The liquid metal is a key component in Danamics cooling systems. Liquid metal has two major advantages when cooling high power density heat sources:
Firstly it has superior thermo physical properties that decrease temperature - and temperature non–uniformity - on die and across chips.
Secondly the electrical properties of the liquid metal enables efficient, reliable and ultra compact electromagnetic pumping without the use of moving parts, shafts, seals, etc.

Liquid Metal has numerous key advantages compared to competing technologies, such as water-cooling or traditional air cooling. The most important ones are:

Ultimate performance
Danamics LM10 is the world’s best performing air-cooler. By utilizing the unique properties of liquid metal, the cooler has the lowest thermal resistance of any air-cooler in the market. The cooling capabilities exceeds most watercoolers in a single device.

Easy mounting
Compared to competing solutions, the Danamics LM10 is a true all-in-one product. There are no external housings, large reservoirs or bulky radiators. With liquid metal cooling you have true performance in a compact, self-contained unit. This makes mounting a breeze and the Danamics LM10 cooler can be mounted in minutes.

No moving parts
The superior liquid metal brings another advantage besides its efficiency. The properties of liquid metal make the use of an electromagnetic pump possible. Danamics’ patent pending multi-string pump delivers high flow combined with a very low power-draw of less than 1W.

No noise and no vibration
Compared to watercooling pumps, the electromagnetic pump used in Danamics LM10 cooler has numerous benefits. It is hermetically sealed and has no moving parts, which means that no noise or vibration is added to the system from the electromagnetic pump. Also the pump is orientation independent, which ensures maximum flexibility for users and system integrators.

Innovative technology
Danamics LM10 is built from the ground up using innovative technology. The combination of liquid metal and an electromagnetic pump is all new in commercial cooling devices, bringing true high-tech to your desktop

DANAMICS (http://www.danamics.com)

Looks promising...Opinions ?

07-18-08, 08:29 AM
Seems a good idea, but I expect it'll be expencive and the performance remains to be seen. Benchmarking required :)

07-18-08, 09:04 AM

I never thought it would come out this fast!
Pc technology nowdays is going through lots of changes this year.

SSD's, EFI-Bios, liquid metal based coolers :drooling:

thats a totally silent system right there. No sound from the ssd's and the gpu/cpu coolers !! I love the future

07-18-08, 09:09 AM
when and how much?

07-18-08, 09:30 AM
Does anybody mind explaining this "liquid metal" to me?

07-18-08, 09:32 AM
Does anybody mind explaining this "liquid metal" to me?

This, maybe... http://www.liquidmetal.com/technology/

07-18-08, 09:36 AM
I should make friends with Google more often. Thanks though. Very interesting.

07-18-08, 11:32 AM
Does anybody mind explaining this "liquid metal" to me?

Every seem Terminator 2?

Yeah, I'll wait a while to get one of these, just in case it starts forming knives and stabbing weapons to do me harm.

07-18-08, 11:32 AM
Does anybody mind explaining this "liquid metal" to me?

its metal in liquid form :bleh:


07-18-08, 11:48 AM
Benchmarking will be done when samples are available....
As for price they havent really figured that one out yet...
Just hope it wont cost more than 70-80euros ( 100$ ).

07-18-08, 12:12 PM
its metal in liquid form :bleh:


I know this is a joke but that was kinda my point. As far as I knew most metals were only liquid at v. high temps.

From that site it seems like 'liquid' is a bit of a misnomer. It seems like this is metal that flows kinda like glass rather than a traditional liquid.

Edit: Actually having just wikipedia'd glass. Its nothing like that either, and it seems there's some controversy as to whether glass is a solid or a 'supercooled liquid' anyway.

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looks like a gimmick.

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No info other than if it works it will be a lot better than the best air cooler out there.
As soon as they get samples out for reviews i will keep you all updated :)

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Yeap soon JUDGMENT DAY! :drooling:

Wonder if I live to see the world being taken over by machines :p

11-17-08, 08:56 AM

There you have it 393.39 US$

11-17-08, 09:38 AM
Looks great....I'm skeptical on it's performance though. And you still need to stick a fan on it...so it's not 100% silent...