View Full Version : to full cover or not to full cover

07-18-08, 06:09 PM
OK soooooo as it goes ive been using full cover water blocks for my vid cards since my 6800 ultra days ive never used a non full cover.......the full covers that ive had have been bad ass and worked great no troubles but its getting expensive to keep getting new blocks when i get a new vid card....so what i was wondering is what you think about the issue of none full cover VS full cover blocks......please explain why you think one is better then the other and your experience's with both........

Xion X2
07-18-08, 11:07 PM
It depends on the quality. I do think that if you get a really good non-full-cover block that you'll have a hard time matching temps on the GPU. But then you have the ram and regulators that still need cooling.

When I had my 2900XT volt-modded the Maze5 gpu-only block netted me a cool 38C at idle and mid 50s load. Best temps I've ever had, and I've owned several full-covers over the last two years.