View Full Version : 780i with 8GB - trfc an issue?

07-20-08, 12:41 AM
I currently have 4GB (2x2) Crucial Ballistix, and I have another 4GB set coming for 8GB. I've read that for 2GB sticks, tRFC should be set to 52-60. I've also read that the only 780i motherboards that let you do this is the Asus P5N-T and Striker 2.

My 4GB currently seems to be going ok in my P5B, which doesn't let me set tRFC above 45, so is anyone else running 780i with this memory ok?

07-20-08, 12:55 AM
you will be fine, even if it doesn't work the board will set the timings from the SPD so just flash them ;)