View Full Version : Please Help: The strangest TV-Out Problem GF4200

05-12-03, 01:25 PM

i have a very funny tv-out prob. My TV-out works as long as i dont play video. Example: i start the movie player, i can see the movie player all right, but instead of the pictures of the movie, that part of the screen is just black. I've tried several drivers, none work. It doesnt matter what player i use, whenever there is a moving picture it doesnt work. Everything else is fine, pictures etc. all works, as supposed to.

I dont understand how this is possible.

I use WinXP with the current Detonator driver. And i have no clue what to do?!

05-12-03, 02:28 PM
Hey Knirck have you set the overlay controls???

all included in the nvidia driver settings

05-12-03, 02:32 PM
overlay controls???

can u help me out on that.....

05-12-03, 02:40 PM
jeeeeeeeez, i love u pal. It works!!!!

how easy life can beee

05-13-03, 11:23 AM
Glad I could help :)

Have fun!!!

hope you got a nice 60" Plasma to watch dvd's on

(dream dreamdream ;)

05-13-03, 11:43 AM
nope just a regular tv :-))

but one thing i dont understand is why the picture comes out so much worse on tv than on pc screen. I have the feeling that not all colours are transfered, could that be? Like when the screen is black on the pc, there are some lighter spots on tv. so whereas i have smooth colour transition on pc nothing like that on tv. Is there maybe a way to adjust that?

thx dude