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08-26-02, 05:21 PM
I've been fascinated by the 1.6a Pentium 4 that I purchased near the end of July. The performance and MHZ gain that you can get out of some of these Pentium 4 chips (mainly the 1.6a, 1.8a, 2.0a and 2.2b) is a good value. Here's what I've managed so far:

I started with 256 mb of PC2100 RAM. I ran my system at 2.4 ghz (150 fsb) with voltage at 1.575 for a few weeks. The RAM was set at 300 mhz and eventually clocked it down because I was getting blue screens.

Since I wasn't happy with stability (I couldn't even complete a 2 hour run of 3dmark), I bought 512 mb of PC2700 samsung ram. As soon as I got this, I set the FSB at 133, making the CPU at 2.13 ghz, ram at 333 mhz. With this setting, I was getting better framerates than 2.4 ghz/235 mhz, so I was happy. 3dmark ran about 1000 tests before I became bored. (I didn't watch the screen, just ran it overnight).

Right now, I'm sitting at a 140 fsb (2.24 ghz, 350 mhz RAM), with the voltage at 1.55. Under load, the CPU hits about 51 C.

I know typdef was able to hit at least 2.4 ghz with his (maybe it was 2.6?) Anyone else had any luck with these chips?

08-27-02, 08:14 AM
I also had a 1.6A @ 2.4GHz using OCZ PC2700 and an MSI 845 Ultra-ARU. Since then, I've built two more systems ( for friends ) and have only managed 2.1 and 2.2GHz using MSI 845E boards...


08-27-02, 12:44 PM
Well, I remember I overclocked my computer Twice.

That's when I had the mighty pentium Pro cpu. I don't even remember tho clocspeed but I kinda remember I was using that at very high rating. Ofcourse, I was using both windows 95 and windows nt workstation 3.0 (Maybe 4.0)

I still remember...

Whenever I move the mouse the computer crashes... hehe... so downclocked little bit. game worked find (I think I was playing the final fantasy 7) for about 3 hours? I was playing without saving...

Well, all of sudden! computer halted... and I had to play the same 3 hours story again, and quite shocked... so I'm not overclocking my computer anymore...

After long times passed...

Somehow I bought an AMD K7 (Thunderbird) AXIA core 1Ghz. Well, this CPU worked fine about 3 months?

I just wanted to overclock this CPU all of sudden. Cause at that time, Tomshardware and everyone were talking about the AXIA core and it's overclocking ability. Right before I change this CPU, I was using P!!! 550Mhz. (I was the Intel fan, still kinda dough) This P!!!'s temprature was about 35~60'c when I playing any game.

Maybe I was careless. I didn't know the serious problem of AMD's Thunderbird, the HEAT.

I overclocked that CPU th 1333Mhz and forgot to plug the fan power cable.

I turned on the PC and started to load the windows. About 3 minutes later, computer stopped all of sudden and I kinda smell electronic components burning...

"Oh, shoot!"

That was too late. I opened the case and there was my dead, burnt CPU lying without saying anything...

And after that I got paranoia of overclocking... sooo scared... I still watch the HDD light when games loading. I know it's not gonna crash or halt, but still feels not comfortable... (Even it's not overclocked)

Actually, I was thinking about to overclock my cpu to 2.0Ghz, but well, slight slower speed, but I want a stable computer...

08-27-02, 12:56 PM
I am running my 1.8A @ 2.4 simply by running the fsb at 133 instead of 100 and it seems to be stable. I am using 2 x 256 Samsung PC-2700. I am running my voltage at 1.625(used to be 1.6). I am using the stock cooler and replaced the thermal paste with thermal grease. Temperatures are close to 50 with load but not taotally sure.

08-27-02, 01:20 PM
JohnsonLKD, that 1.8A has thermal protection built-in. So long as your not trying to water-cool your system by dumping a glass of water on the motherboard, you should be 100% safe from any kind of damage.

Start slow and don't use any insane voltage...you'll likely be amazed at how high that CPU will go...


08-27-02, 10:21 PM
Johnson, with your 1.8a P4, you could easily boost the 100 mhz FSB to 133. And since you have pc2700 ram, it'll only be easier. That would put you at 2.4 ghz. If you don't feel comfortable taking it that high, you could do a 120 fsb and see if that works. The 1.8a's are amazingly overclockable, and you'd be missing out if you didn't at least try it. But I can see why you're skeptical. :)

08-28-02, 10:44 AM
i had no problem getting my P4 1.6A to 2.4 with a little Artic Silver 3 ...

Full load - 41C
Full load System Temp - 31 C
Idle - 38 C
Idle System Temp - 28C