View Full Version : Starsiege 2 - Would you like to see it?

08-26-02, 06:41 PM
I don't know how many people played this game, and liked it, but I've always been a MetalTech fan. Personally, I like it better than BattleTech.

I want a poll on how many people would like to see a Starsiege 2. If I get enough votes I may send it to Sierra like a lot of petitions for Starsiege 2 I've seen going throughout the net.

Anyways, the BattleTech series couldn't be over as the main enemy was never destroyed. So, it kind of leaves a blank there that should be atleast settled with a game, or something. IMO

So vote, Yes, or No for a Starsiege 2

08-26-02, 06:43 PM
Why the hell not?

After Microsoft's Mechwarrior 4 atrocity, i'm craving for a decent giant robot fight game.

The Baron
08-26-02, 09:16 PM
Yeah, Mech4 was a waste, but Starsiege wasn't too hot either...

I say we need Heavy Gear 3. :p