View Full Version : Asus rma services....need link

07-26-08, 08:22 AM
I cant seem to find the rma dept on the asus website,does anyone frequent there?:p I had a feeling my machine was dieing and it did last night,wont post at all now.

It's all good they are shipping me a replacement 939 board :p

07-26-08, 10:46 AM

Scroll down to Asus.:)

Oh, I now see alls good. Great!

07-26-08, 12:48 PM
You'd think that after all the stuff I've bought from them I'd know the addy by now;)

They are sending me a board without me having to send them mine first,I assume they think it's obsolete?(well it kinda is) If they dont ask for the board back I'll grab a cmos chip for it and give it one last tour of duty:D

Btw that's a wicked link,thnx m8