View Full Version : Most Steam games not showing up in Manage 3d setting...

07-31-08, 06:11 PM
Most Steam games not showing up in Manage 3D setting>Program Settings in the nvidia control panel. The problem seems to persist with anything running the source engine like CSS, HL2, HL2 EP 1&2 and none of these show up but I have X3 through Steam and it shows up just fine. The things I have tried using driver cleaner than installing the new beta released from nvidia but than nothing shows up so I went back to 175.19 after cleaning it again. Verifying the local content than running the game still nothing, I even tried that than rebooting before going in the nvidia panel again still nothing.

I have googled this and searched here but I have found nothing. I am running Vista 64bit and I have 2 8800gtx setup for sli and I just tried turning it off while writing this but that didn't work either. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.