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07-31-08, 06:44 PM
My APC has a USB data cable required for hibernating on a power failure, but PowerChute, which controls this keeps dropping out because the connection fails. I replaced the data cable and that did help some, and I blew out the connector on the back of the APC last night, and it lasted for almost 24 hours this time. Since the contacts on both the cable and the header appear to be gold plated, corrosion should not be a factor. I have done everything that I can think of...have I forgotten anything?

07-31-08, 06:55 PM
You could try the old rubber eraser on the contacts trick, but do to it being USB, it would be tricky to get anything in there.

07-31-08, 07:06 PM
Tricky is not the word for it, try impossible. I might be able to do that on the APC end of the cable, because it is RJ45, but that would be tricky. I guess that I'm going to have to buy an eraser, I don't have one because I don't make mistakes.:rolleyes2

07-31-08, 09:15 PM
I would try wiggling around both ends and see if maybe one is loose. If the RJ-45 connection is loose, you can just try crimping a new end and see if that helps.

07-31-08, 09:27 PM
Nothing is loose now, that is why I replaced the cable with a new one. The old one had the lock tab broken on it. As it is now, it couldn't get any tighter. Wiggling the cable or connectors does not cause PowerChute to to come back on line, but removing the RJ45 and reinserting it does.

EDIT: I just did the same with the USB end of the cable and it had the same effect of restarting PowerChute also. If the things that I have done had never improved the problem, I would think that the problem was internal to the APC...I suppose that it still could be. My battery is over 3 years old, and it keeps nagging me to buy another, but as long as the battery time remains normal, which is does, I can't see spending the money, nor can I see how the battery could be the cause of this.

09-01-08, 07:54 PM
It turns out, that this problem...like so many others, was caused by the old MB. Since getting rid of it, the APC has lost touch yet.