View Full Version : Issues with Belkin N1 Wireless USB Adapter!!!!

08-02-08, 12:32 AM
I just got a new Belkin N1 Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter today and I'm already having problems. For one, I use the USB connection port to connect the adapter to. Once I connect it in a windows environment I can use the Internet wireless but when ever I reboot my system hangs and does nothing. Infact, I can't use the adapter when it's just connected to the port when I reboot because the system won't even boot into windows. It will only go as far as posting the bios screen display on bootup. When I remove the Belkin N1 Wireless USB Adapter the computer will un-freeze and continue as normal. Why am I having these issues like this? I'm even using x64 drivers from Belkin and that didn't even help. Maybe a defective port? I can't see how since it's working once I reconnect the Belkin N1 wireless adapter while in Windows. Anyway, that's all I know....please advise?

08-02-08, 12:52 AM
I had a problem like this a few years ago, i want to say try a bios flash or there might be a setting in your bios that might fix this.