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08-02-08, 04:40 AM
Ok, I always read about people saying, "Once I get my server set up, I'll just let it sit in my closet." When people say this, do you need a monitor and HIDs? I don't have any extra monitors for a server to be sitting in my closet. I thought you could just install Linux, set up what you need to do, and then never let it see the light of day again. Is it possible to just have the tower running without a monitor and HIDs after it's set up properly?

Thanks in advance

08-02-08, 05:15 AM
Once you get the thing setup, it would be happy to sit and run without monitors or any HIDs. You can easily remote in and do what you have to do. Only time you'll need hardware is if the thing crashes majorly.


08-02-08, 05:54 AM
Yea Zap you could put a really stable linux distro on it and leave it running for years. And yes you can remotely SSH in and do everything you need.

08-02-08, 08:31 AM
Yup, my fileserver is (not in my closet) in our garage next to another box that runs gentoo. No keyboards, no mice, no monitors, none of that stuff because you don't need it. You can pretty much do everything that you would "need" to remotely.

I would never suggest putting a server in a closed area as such as a closet though, even if temps were decent all that dust and no airflow.

08-02-08, 11:10 AM
Well, it's an enclosed Dell case, so it doesn't have any airflow getting to it at all lol. So, what about rebooting and stuff like that, I won't need any monitor?

08-02-08, 08:49 PM
Nope, well you would in the case it didn't boot properly and you wanted to see what's going on.

08-02-08, 09:52 PM
Nope, well you would in the case it didn't boot properly and you wanted to see what's going on.

KVM over IP, but it isn't cost effective to get one :-(

08-03-08, 10:58 PM
My server is headless running Ubuntu Server 8.04. It sits in a closet with nothing but a cat5e line and power cord. All administration is done via SSH w/Putty.