View Full Version : Lian Li PC-7 Plus?

08-05-08, 10:20 PM
hi guys

have any of you worked with this case? ive been wondering whether i should get this over the cooler master 690 (theyre the same price). the cm 690 is bigger, but i like the lian li's sturdy aluminium construction and design. will the pc-7 plus be big enough for an sli/cf setup?


08-06-08, 12:19 AM
you'll want the 690 it would be more suitable for sli/xf. I have the PC-60 case which is roughly the same dimensions and with my all gear inside it, its a very crammed space

08-06-08, 06:49 AM
I love my case.

Here it is before with my 8800GTS.

08-06-08, 07:26 AM
Both of you guys (Tr1ck and zer0) have very nice rigs, so ill really think about this one. space is not a crazy concern (no sli/cf for me most likely), and these lian li's look really good.

is the pc-7B+ and the PC-07 basically the same as the pc-7 plus? i didnt know there were so many variations :/

08-06-08, 10:00 AM
Or. Remove the HDD cage at the bottom and get one of these.


http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6140/cpa-219/Lian-Li_EX-23NB_Black_Drive_Bay_ExpansionCooling_Kit.html?tl= c241s611b3

08-06-08, 09:46 PM

Or. I could use the upper 3.5" bays for the hard drives instead right? (considering that ill only be using one hdd)

those adapters look good, but not for $30...

even without getting an adapter, will a big card like the gtx280/3870x2 fit into the case?