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08-07-08, 06:18 AM
Just thougt i would put a mini review up for Iracing which I have spent about 6 hours on so far, Fair play they have made one awsome racing experience, The GUI where you set up races is full of stats of previous races and has plenty of options. And the Physics for the cars are spot on, feels so realistic with The Logtiec G25 wheel. The tracks are also recreated beutifully with every little bump where it should be.

One thing i must stress is this isnt really a game, yeah it is extremely fun but it is also very tense as you get negative points for coming off track, crashing spinning and so forth. Which is probably why I come out in a cold sweat when i start a race and feel very nervous! but thats whaat creates the whole immersion factor...

I have paid 1 month which is $20 so far but I can almost guarantee I will be buying a 6-12 month subscription,

One negative is that you have to buy more cars and tracks for example, a car costs around $15 which can be a little expensive, but I wont be buying one for at least a month or so, I havent nearly mastered the starting cars and tracks.

Anyway if you like THE BEST racing experience, have a bit of cash spare and plenty of time, you should definetly check it out, even for just one month

If anyone plays already let me know and we can have a race! :afro:

08-07-08, 06:19 AM
haha, $15 bucks for a car? plus montly subscriptions?

this will fail so quick

08-07-08, 06:30 AM

08-07-08, 06:48 AM
20 bucks a month and 15 bucks for a car! i dunno bout that!

08-07-08, 10:36 AM
I hope for the sake of the hardcore sim racers that there are enough of you guys to keep this game afloat. The pricing, the "sim" graphics (ie, accurate tracks but very bland looks) and the difficulty will pretty much kill this for all but the most hardcore sim fans.

I liked playing the old Nascar Racing games by Papyrus, but I was never anywhere near hardcore, so this whole game just doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

08-07-08, 10:42 AM
i like sims, but this is not for me. monthly subscription plus have to pay for cars and tracks. just ****ing stupid

08-07-08, 03:05 PM
yeah as i said the pricing does suck a little, but you can see where your money is going, they recreate the cars and tracks to near perfection.

I wouldnt class myself as a hard core sim racing fan, but god has this gripped me

08-07-08, 03:13 PM
Does TrackIR work with it?

08-07-08, 03:21 PM
Is there a demo? Or do i have to pay for that too?

08-07-08, 03:22 PM
i like sims, but this is not for me. monthly subscription plus have to pay for cars and tracks. just ****ing stupid


08-07-08, 03:36 PM
I like Sims, but monthly fee plus buying tracks and cars, I won't do it. The one thing I am is cheap when it comes to games. A one time upfront cost is fine, but I'll never support anything that requires a monthly fee regardless of how low the monthly price is. Everquest was my first and last pay to play game.

08-07-08, 03:52 PM
Is there a demo? Or do i have to pay for that too?

demo is 10 bucks per race

08-07-08, 08:13 PM
demo is 10 bucks per race

Hah almost had me with that one :)

08-07-08, 08:44 PM
Wow, first time I've heard of this, I'm glad Papyrus is back in one form or another. I would classify myself as a fairly hardcore racing sim gamer and an SCCA member. The laser track mapping alone requires me to sign up, I'm awaiting my invitation. The safety rating points is a really good idea. First pay to play game I'll ever try, I didn't spend big bucks on sim hardware to skimp on the content. You do get up to $60 credit to buy tracks and cars depending on the subscription you get. They do need a lot more cars but I'm all in, thanks Jackrabbit.
(G25, TrackIR, Buttkicker, Stereo 3D, Puma shoes or tread socks...for the pedals) :afro:

08-07-08, 09:39 PM
I like hardcore sims, from what I've heard, it's great. Read over at Race Sim Central, Dale Jr is "layin' a whoopin'" on people, LOL. But I can't justify spending $20 a month, + $15 PER CAR, +$20 PER TRACK.

Also, even to play offline, you must be connected to the internet, which for dialup users sucks.

08-07-08, 09:48 PM
I signed up for the first month for $20 yesterday.

The yearly subscription pack ends up being around $13 a month and you get $65 worth of in-game DLC (or something like that), so I think the pricing is fair.

They have really made it so that it's a mature online environment which is really what the game is meant for (similar to LFS).

So far I would rate the game a few notches below LFS, but considering I see LFS as the greatest racing game of all time, that's quite an achievement.

08-08-08, 03:50 AM
I have been really impressed by the Historix GT mod for RFactor lately, but iRacing just blew me away. I dont think i have played anything that feels so well programmed and detailed as this in any game genre. I have no issue paying a little more because at least something like this is available to those that want it!

08-08-08, 05:02 AM
Glad to see your going to give it a try, you should recieve your invite in 1 to 2 weeks, let me know your names and i will add you in game