View Full Version : 177.79 beta versus 177.41 Issues on XFX 260 XXX

08-07-08, 04:45 PM
I found some strange issues with th 177.79

the gpu core goes to 640 /1150 MHZ in 2D !
But the fan speed sticks to 40 % / 744 RPM.

That happens if my tv-card is running small windowed on my 24" Dell.
When I close it's going back to 300/100.

Is this a normal behaviour. I mean it sucks a lot of juice in that mode doesn't it?

Whereas with the 177.41 it's runnning at 300!100 2D even with the tv on.
But in this driver there is an issue with the Fan speed. After 3Dmark06 it sticks to 50% for more than half an hour. According to gpu-z.

So how is it meant to work if it works?