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05-13-03, 09:13 PM
are jetway motherboards any good? are they a bit of a slowdown? cause i was gonna get the polaris 600...i think thats what its called...:) its says this on the site im getting it from.

Socket A JETWAY POLARIS 400 KT400 Chipset Support Socket-A for AMD Athlon /Duron TM uni-processor at 266/333MHz Front Side Bus with double data rate VIA Apollo KT400 System controller and VT82335 High Bandwidth Vlink Client South Bridge Support 2 Serial ATA Port & 1 Parallel ATA 133 Port, Support USB 2.0, Support IEEE 1394a Port, Onboard LAN, Support 6-Channel Speaker, Extend AGP Slot Support 8X AGP
Support 2.5V DDR266/DDR333/DDR400 DDR SDRAM, PC'99 Ready & PC'99 Colorful I/O Ports Design, Support USB Controller & PS/2 Mouse , Standard IR (infrared) Function, Provide extra " three-wire" fans connectors, Jumperless, Frequency Magic Setting, PC Health Monitoring On Post Screen, Magic Install, CPU Vcore Voltage minor adjustment, CPU ratio adjust by jumper setting, DDR DRAM Voltage2.5/2.6/2.7/2.8V ,System 3.3V,AGP 1.5V/1.6V Voltage Minor adjustable in bios, CPU overheat shut down protect function, 3-Phase Vcore Voltage to increase system stability, BIOS Write Protect function to avoid Virus crash data, BIOS Auto Detect CPU voltage, Y2K Compliant, ACPI Supporting For OS Directed Power Management

05-14-03, 02:08 AM
thanks. now all i need to do is find out if there are any bottlenecks in em.

05-14-03, 08:25 AM
Hmm. Running a Jetway 830CH SiS chipset with a Duron 1.3 next to me here. It works most of the time and it was cheap. Perhaps avoid SiS chips. Jetway pretty much make cheap motherboards and supply reference drivers. Updates for older hardware happens slowly or not at all. Pity its running WinME... doesn't help stability either.

Bottom line... Dunno, you pay for quality, and I didn't pay much. The integrated sound works, but causes stuttering and big slowdowns in games. Some AC97 compatible chip.

05-14-03, 04:28 PM
awsome. thanks for that. im gonna get it, cause it looks pretty reliable. and cool too! its grey, has everything like onboard...EVERYTHING! oh yeah, and its cheap.:afro: