View Full Version : X-Fi mic boost

08-10-08, 12:04 PM
I upgraded to 4GB of ram a few days a go and my sound drivers were not compatible with 4GB of ram and Vista 64bit so I had to update them. Ever since I updated my sound drivers I haven't been able to keep mic boost on after restarting.


08-11-08, 06:21 AM
Same here, I had to enable mic gain every time Vista boots up, the X-Fi does not save that setting. Don't remember if this happened in XP too.

Now I use the integrated sound card for voice chat, and this one does not need mic gain to be enabled for mic to work properly

08-11-08, 06:30 AM
I'll test this out on my config.

*mini Update: ok before I even reboot, I'm getting alot of feedback through my headset when I use the boost. Is that normal?

*Update: At the very start of the reboot I heard the feedback then before the Vista logo came on screen it stopped. So something is telling it to reset during the bootup process it seems.