View Full Version : Creative Audio Console (and other apps) not working?

08-12-08, 03:00 AM
I was finally able to get the drivers to install for the PCI-Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro, but now none of the additional software will launch. When I try and launch the Audio Console or the THX console I get "The the audio device supported by this application is not detected."

Specs are listed.....

08-12-08, 03:35 AM
Last time I got such an error was when i still had my Audigy2 connected along with the Xfi (i needed the midi connector in the back).

It happend when the creative Xfi sofware thought the Audigy2 was primary soundcard.
So if you have any onboard audio, make sure your xfi is primary source.

08-12-08, 03:44 AM
Which did you install first, the console or the drivers?

08-12-08, 03:50 AM
Well, it will want to activate with a CD-Key on the CD driver cover. How odd for a sound card. It gives you a list of software to install. I went with the console and drivers from the check box. Do you know where the stand alone drivers are at that would work for this card? I don't like the pre-install cd drivers as much as I like the direct downloaded drivers.

08-12-08, 04:26 AM
Update: I did notice before I even installed drivers for the card that Windows Vista must of pre-installed it's own kind of HD Audio driver or something before I even installed the primary drivers from the CD. Maybe that's why it's not working I'm nor sure.

08-13-08, 06:03 PM
The Creative X-Fi PCI-Express version card doesn't even show up in the device manager? It's listed has (High Definition Audio Device)

Take a LQQK!!!!


08-13-08, 06:24 PM
The downloadable drivers do not yet support the X-Fi Titanium.

Single Player
08-13-08, 06:58 PM
remove(uninstall) everything. Put your x-fi in another pci-e slot, disable high defenition audio in BIOS. Run fresh install. Maybe that will help.

Thank god i don't have any problems with my x-fi! it's a nightmare when you have problems with creative software