View Full Version : PSU and GFX upgrades for my Dell OptiPlex 755

08-13-08, 04:14 AM
Recently got my Dell OptiPlex 755 from university, and I've decided to turn it into an ample gaming computer.
The specs:

E8400 (non-overclockable)
Intel Q35 chipset
2gb ddr2 800
ati 2400xt (:() pcie
305w psu
WD caviar SE 250gb

the computer supports full-height gfx's, but its limited to SINGLE SLOT. ive come to 2 options (and im looking for best bang for buck):
either a 9800gt+ corsair vx550w psu OR 4850+ corsair vx550w

feel free to suggest other psu's.

thanks for your time reading this. try to help! :)