View Full Version : Price sighting (sweden)

05-14-03, 09:46 AM
komplett.se has Gainward's 5900 Ultra listed for the equivalent of $1115 approx. They also claim that the list price is approx $1240.

Expected arrival (take this with a grain of salt) is june 30th.

EDIT: My mistake, it _includes_ the coolfx. Sorry. It's about $856 for the non-coolfx 5900 Ultra from Gainward. Still a lot of money.


Darth Rancid
05-14-03, 05:05 PM
That swedish price of the Gainward 5900U 256Mb is horrendous!!!
I suppose that 256Mb of 2.2ns DDR RAM isn't cheap :)

05-14-03, 05:55 PM
Leadtek Winfast GeForce FX NV 35 5900 256MB
$638 (25% sales tax) , June 3 ;)
I got my fx5800u very early so they are usually fast.