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08-16-08, 08:32 AM
Hey guys I've been having problems with my HDD lately. While I'm using my PC everything will slow to a crawl and the HDD light will be on, even if I'm not doing anything and then the system restarts. Upon restarting it will give me a disc read error at the boot up screen. My only option is to restart and when that happens my HDD is not detected in the BIOS. I've found that clearing the cmos fixes it temporarily, about 2/3 weeks.

Any ideas on what the problem is? This drive is about a year old and mind you the same EXACT thing happened to my last drive and I replaced it with this one. I leave my PC on standby a lot, could that be a factor as well?

08-16-08, 09:11 AM
Until you get it figured out, you should definitely back up any important non-replaceable data on DVDs or external drives if you can.

08-16-08, 03:16 PM
Based on past experience I suggest you check your motherboard for capacitor plague (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague). How do I explain why replacing the hard drive helped before? It's possible that the new hard drive spins with less friction, and thus draws less power.

09-01-08, 03:53 PM
So after all that. It appears that it wasn't a problem with the capacitors or anything that I tried previously. It was a.......bad cable.:o

While I was at it, I tried my old drive with a newer cable and it booted up without a hitch. Old drive was a 120gb samsung drive. Now I'm trying to think of what I want to do with both drives installed.

Any suggestions?

Right now I planned on taking whatever files I wanted off the old 120gb and moving it the 250 then reformatting the 120gb clean.

09-02-08, 02:36 AM
More storage space never hurts :)

To me it seems rare with faulty cables like that, not the first thing you suspect.

09-02-08, 07:11 AM
once i bought brand new cable and it was faulty. it can happen