View Full Version : Could Someone confirm AA in Bionic Commado Rearmed please ?

08-16-08, 09:02 PM
Can not get it working here at all. Used CP, Nhancer, Forced at every level with no luck. Tried every compatibility mode in nHancer no nice..


08-16-08, 11:11 PM
It is using Grin's Diesel engine. It's the same engine that powers GRAW 1 and 2 for the PC. There is no possible way to implement AA on their engine for some odd reason.

08-17-08, 08:01 AM
No wonder... That is very lame. The game doesnt need it that badly however I know there is tons of headroom left so I wanted to try some supersampling... Oh well.. Thanks for solving the mystery for me.. I dont know why I didnt look in to the engine to see if other games used it.. Had no clue..

08-17-08, 08:05 AM
Let us know if supersampling works. It usually works for me with about everything else.

08-17-08, 11:03 AM
No AA here either :( But it really doesn't have many jaggies.

buicks suck
08-17-08, 03:40 PM
nvidia needs to invent trilinear fsaa, where every rop has a trilinear fsaa unit, just like the ta units each have a tf unit.

all you'd have to do is turn it on thru the driver (or it could just be enabled automatically) and every game would perfectly with regardless of the developers' intentions.

and no don't anyone call this retarded, because it's not.

If you have to call me, myself, and I retarded, then use a reason other than the perfect idea i mentioned in this thread.