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08-18-08, 11:55 AM
SANTA CLARA, CA—AUGUST 18, 2008— Often underappreciated by those who only casually play games, fast and accurate physical models and calculations are a key to a game’s playability and realism. From the effect of explosions on nearby objects, to the impacts of car accidents, to how a character reacts when hit, physics is as important to realism as high-quality graphics. Because of this, Realtime Worlds’ upcoming massively multiplayer online game, APB, will take advantage of NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs and PhysX™ technology to enhance the game’s free-form combat and real-time driving environments.
APB will bring players into a living, breathing city where cash is king and territory equals respect. Scheduled for release in 2009, APB is one of many titles to take advantage of NVIDIA PhysX technology, the world’s most pervasive development platform for physics acceleration in interactive entertainment.
“Realtime Worlds, by our very name, defines what games we aim to create,” said Dave Jones, the CEO of Realtime Worlds. “APB is a vastly ambitious project, combining the key elements of action gameplay in a living, breathing world with millions of players around the globe. In order to fully realise the vision of APB, it was essential to include next-generation physics in our game world. This is why we choose to standardize our development on GeForce GPUs and NVIDIA PhysX technology, the combination of which has given our developers the power and freedom to deliver the first action and physics based combat gameplay into the massively multiplayer online space.”

NVIDIA PhysX technology consists of a robust physics engine, API, and middleware platform that give developers the ability to add additional levels of realism into their games across all major gaming platforms, including Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. PhysX technology can run on either the CPU or any CUDA general-purpose parallel computing processor, including many current and all future NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. But the massively parallel architecture in GeForce GPUs can handle 10 to 20 times more visual complexity than what’s possible today on a CPU alone and can leverage the best of both GPU and CPU architectures to deliver the ultimate experience to the user. More importantly, PhysX supports hardware scaling with the GeForce GPUs to deliver much faster performance and richer environments on multi-GPU gaming platforms.
“We are very excited that Realtime Worlds is incorporating PhysX technology into APB,” said Roy Taylor, NVIDIA vice president of content relations. “APB is a marvel in free form story innovation and promises to bring an entirely new approach to multiplayer online gaming. We can hardly wait to play!”
NVIDIA PhysX technology is already included in more than 140 shipping titles for Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PC. For more information on NVIDIA PhysX technology, please visit: www.nzone.com/physx.
About APB
APB is an action-based, massively multiplayer online title being developed by Realtime Worlds (creators of the award-winning Xbox 360 title Crackdown). The game utilizes cutting-edge technology (Unreal Engine3™) in order to bring the polish of next-generation art and gameplay into the massively multiplayer online space. For more information on ABP, please visit: www.apb.com.

(form NVIDIA)

08-18-08, 01:39 PM
This sounds all well and good but it remains to be seen just how long it's going to take for this to be truly ready for primetime and what kind of hardware it ends up taking to do this right. Right now I'm just not that impressed by this whole novelty (cause at this time that's exactly what this is). Potential, yes. Real useability in the near future, I seriously doubt it. Hell, DX10 is still not even ready for primetime and look how long that's been now. I'm ready for new stuff as much as the next guy, I'm just not all that much excited by this at this point in time. A year from now I might start to get into it, depending on how much money I have to spend.

08-18-08, 03:21 PM
I wish they'd port Crackdown to the PC (or PS3 for that matter). That was one of my favorite 360 games.

08-19-08, 11:32 AM
as soon as it's implemented properly into ALL games, I'll enjoy it. PhysX seems to still be a little novelty parlor trick that's fun for a few minutes and then diminishes.

I don't get why such a big deal wasn't made about havoc. I mean... look at how flawelessly it worked in HL2 and how well it was integrated into the game. THATS how physics should be used.

Game designers don't seem to have picked up on this it seems.