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08-18-08, 02:43 PM

I was browsing around this forum and noticed that a few other people have had the same problem as I have now, but none have posted any solutions yet... :(

Anyway, I've noticed that on my new PC (few months old), my graphics card (GeForce 8600 GTS) stops spinning when it's under load (meaning while playing games), and this stopping of the fan usually happens somewhere between 5-15 minutes of playing the game.

After this happens, the fan doesn't spin at all, so the card gets to 120C after which the game starts to freeze up and lag big time!

A reboot doesn't fix this issue, but first waiting for the card to cool down, and then doing a reboot solves the issue for another new 15 minutes of playing.

I also noticed that getting the card off the PCI slot and powering off the PSU, and then reconnecting them takes the fan working time to about an hour, after which it returns to it's normal schedule of 5-15 minutes of working...

So does anyone know where might the problem be? My PC is under warranty but I want to be sure which component is the problem so the guys there know what to change.

It's probably either the graphic card, mobo or PSU :p

08-19-08, 03:44 AM
I guess no one knows?

08-19-08, 08:21 AM
Sounds like a faulty card, however, could be some type of power saving mode setup in the BIOS, but I highly doubt it. One other thing could be a driver issue, but that is somewhat unlikely as well. I'd RMA the card.

08-20-08, 11:01 AM
You could also try Rivatuner and manually set the fan speed, see if it works that way.
Thing is, you can create fan profiles and link them to different temperatures so it will be faster if gpu is hotter. Or set it fully dynamic via Rivatuner

08-20-08, 11:19 AM
what EciDemon said

play with Rivatuner fan settings