View Full Version : Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper?

08-19-08, 08:31 PM
Or neither?

Which one is preferred? Seems like Sweeper was updated just a few weeks ago whereas - Cleaner is older.

Running Vista 64 bit.

08-19-08, 09:55 PM
I always liked Drive Cleaner until I used Driver Sweeper. I'd recommend Driver Sweeper hands-down. Oh, and yes, I've used it in Vista Ultimate 64bit. :thumbsup:

08-20-08, 12:13 AM
Driver Sweeper. Free and does a better job... Vista64 as well.

08-20-08, 12:28 AM
I can't speak to which program is better since I only use one of them. But as far as the "Cleaner is older" comment, Driver Cleaner does offer frequent updates to its cleaning profiles through its built-in update checker. About a week ago several new updates were released, 2 of which were updated nvidia and physx cleaning profiles.


08-20-08, 12:33 AM
Do you have the paying version HB?

08-20-08, 12:48 AM
Yeah I bit the bullet about a year ago and paid the 10 bucks. The current version is

08-20-08, 02:33 AM
That's why you're getting the updates. I think the free version is no longer updated...

08-20-08, 07:26 AM
Thanks everybody!