View Full Version : Anyone build your own servers?

08-19-08, 11:15 PM
I work for IT data center shop, been using Dell poweredge servers for about 5 years now

For the most part they work fine when they are in warranty, technician usually gets there in 4 hours replacing the part is no problem, but once they go out of warranty which we have about 100 servers out of warranty it is a real pain in the ass to keep spare parts in stock. We have been getting a lot of failures recently usually one a week on average

So we are starting to think outside of the box and maybe not go with Dell anymore, we have had spome bad experience in the past, and thought maybe we can start building our own generic boxes so we know what goes in them and when they break we can replace them easier.

I took a look at newegg and it looks like they rack mount chassis for sale.

Has nayone done this and what has your experience been?

I sort of want to do it for the experience, plus it would be a nice challenge, plus i am really sick of Dell

I would have to sell this to upper management i dont know how well they would trust their systems on a no name brand system



08-20-08, 12:14 AM
From my personal experience, building servers are a pain. I would rather go with a company that will offer a warranty, and keep up the warranty. The IT department have way too many other projects to work on...

08-20-08, 05:58 AM
you aint kidding about that...i am up the wazoo in projects and not enough bodies

i am working almost every sunday because has to be done in offhours and really starting to get burnt out

thanks for your thoughts