View Full Version : This may be a driver issues, not sure

08-19-08, 11:49 PM
World of warcraft is running like a dog. Getting 10 fps in shattrath. And last night I was running at full fps where its around 40fps same places. At first thought it was a World of warcraft problem. But found that when I run attitool and it does the rotating cube it was only getting up to around 400 to 500 fps when it could get up to 1000 fps easy. So somewhere in my system. My fps is being shot to hell.

I tried updating to the 177 drivers, still doesn't fix it. The only thing I can do now is restore from a mirrored back up and hope that fixes it.

Now all I did between last night and today. Was take my computer down to a shop to have my monitor checked out. The repair guy wanted me to bring the computer. I never left it out of my site. We hooked up a keyboard and MS mouse. Booted up seemed to be fine. When we were done I shut it down. Put it back in my car, very careful the whole time.

Get back booted it up, my current keyboard and mouse worked fine. But after that is when the FPS was shot to hell. And I have no clue what the cause is.

When WoW is around 8 fps, sound in ventrilo starts to go static and sounds in WoW as well, cpu usage jumps really high to around 80%. I even reseated my video card to be sure it wasn't that. Usually when I get problems like this its cause I changed a driver or did something to the actual software. But I didn't do any of these things. Also on top of WoW being at 8 fps, the vista UI starts to get choppy, taskbar animation gets choppy too. So i'm certain its not the game but something somewhere I think.

Before today my system was rock solid since I built it 6 months ago.

SYSTEM SPECS: Antec P180 1.1 * Intake two S-Flex SFF21E fans *
Exhaust two S-Flex SFF21E fan * Noctua NH-U12P cpu cooler * Gigabyte X48 DQ6 *
Award Bios version F6 * e8400 8.5x400 @ stock volt * Mushkin 4x2GB 4496580 1:1 *
Ram timings:444-12 2T * EVGA 8800GTS 512 * SB X-FI Fatility Extreme Gamer *
Two Western Digital WD6400AAKS 640GB * Pioneer SATA DVR-212DBK *
Windows Vista 64 Ultimate SP1 not vlited

Well solved the problem. Hooked up my old 813 and the low FPS problems went away, after that I fixed the drivers while using that monitor before switching back to 821F, dont know how a monitor can be the cause of frame rates dropping by 50%.