View Full Version : good ole sound blaster 16 help...

05-14-03, 05:58 PM
k, i've got this celeron 500mhz, gf0rce2 32mb, 192m sd, blablabla...oh yeah and this damn friekin annoying sound blaster 16. im one of those people who would rather use headphones cause speakers are too loud for the people around you. well, my problem is that when i use headphones with the sb16, its really soft even with the volume control up to the fullest. speakers work fine though. is there a proggie or somethin i can use to get it louder and some more BASS? that would help a lot. i had a abaudigy but took it out to put in my new compie! the parentals dished out 1000-1500 dollahs. dont know were the hell that came from. ull well, more computer for me! Muahahahahh!

05-14-03, 11:23 PM
What OS are you using?
Are you plugging the headphones in the Speaker Out connector?
It's weird... the classic SB16 is famous for having a powerful output... :confused:

I guess if you already set the volumes to the max, there's no other thing to do. Unless your headphones are bad and the low sound is their problem. Did you try your headphones in other computer or other headphones in the SB16?

05-15-03, 01:43 PM
Yeah make sure you've got your head phones plugged into the amplified speaker out, not the unamplified line out.