View Full Version : RTCW or DOOM 3?

08-20-08, 12:24 PM
Since these two games were sequels to the two fundamental games in the FPS genre, I'm wondering which sequel you thought was a better game?

Let the votes begin!

08-20-08, 12:38 PM
RTCW. hell, ppl still play it online.

i loved OSP and Banimod. two awesome mods.

ive wasted probably over 1000 hrs of my life playing rtcw LOL :D

08-20-08, 01:21 PM
I thought RTCW's single player was a lot more varied than DOOM 3's. The multiplayer was vastly better than DOOM's as well. I loved them both, but I think RTCW is better :)

08-20-08, 01:33 PM
RtCW all the way,singleplayer was a lot of fun.Multiplayer got me into competetion playing;)

bob saget
08-20-08, 02:35 PM
quake3? :bleh:

08-20-08, 03:15 PM
I guess RTCW... I'm one of the few who loved Doom 3, but I loved RTCW more.

08-20-08, 04:40 PM
+1 DOOM 3:)

08-20-08, 04:59 PM
quake3? :bleh:


I still play this game quite often...

08-21-08, 01:09 AM
So I just played through RTCW on "I'm Death Incarnate", and man was it a blast. Oh, and it looks so freaking awesome with 16xQ AA and 16xAF!

I hope Raven doesn't screw it up like they did Quake 4. Please, let them not screw it up! And I'm somewhat dubious of the usage of the DOOM 3 engine -- RTCW 2 should definitely be on something like UE3 or Id Tech 5. Ah, well.

08-21-08, 03:46 AM
doom 3 single player was more fun for me, but rtcw is good too :)

08-21-08, 04:06 AM
RtCW all the way. Doom 3 was good, but it was a continuous repeating of the same "narrow, dark (or should I say not a single ****ing photon in it) corridor, run, shoot, run some more, shoot". Nice, but after 30 minutes it was already boring.

08-21-08, 07:38 AM

08-21-08, 10:05 AM
SP wise I'm going with Doom 3. MP wise, RTCW is still one of the best I've ever played.

08-21-08, 05:51 PM
RTCW without a dought for me ... cant wait for RTCW2.

08-22-08, 07:24 AM
...Oh, and it looks so freaking awesome with 16xQ AA and 16xAF!...
How did you get the AA to work? I tried enabling it in nV Control Panel but it is definitely not being applied in game.

08-22-08, 09:33 PM
I just force it using the NVIDIA control panel. That's odd that it doesn't work...

08-22-08, 10:13 PM
Doom 3

08-22-08, 11:02 PM
I just force it using the NVIDIA control panel. That's odd that it doesn't work...
Thanks for replying. I'm not sure what else to try. The nV control panel is straight forward to use and 16xAF appears to be working judging by perfect texture quality.
Edit: Just got it working... I had 'enhance application' instead of 'override application' set as the antialiasing mode.

08-22-08, 11:49 PM
Ah, yes, sorry I didn't figure that one out! Well, in any case, enjoy your new, jaggy-free RTCW :)

08-23-08, 05:38 AM
Doom3, never really liked rtcw back then.