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buicks suck
08-20-08, 03:20 PM
i currently have soundmax hd (onboard) hooked up to behringer speakers via s/pdif (optical).

1. is the sound quality noticably clearer with a prelude and an analog (2.0 or headphone) setup than it would be with my behringer ms20's and soundmax hd?

2. are the latest drivers on auzentech's website for vista 64 the same as creative's latest drivers?

3. it will stay secure in the pci slot if i get it, but will there be crackling/distortion since it will not stay flush to the back of my case since i'm not using the correct stand-offs? (I misplaced some of the ones included with my case, and used ones that aren't the exact proper height; therefore, i/o cards don't match the expansion slots on the back of my case very well.)

buicks suck
08-20-08, 05:04 PM

08-20-08, 06:16 PM
Ummm, I'd just stick with the soundmax until you sort out those standoffs.

buicks suck
08-23-08, 04:21 PM
can someone answer #1? i'd greatly appreciate it=]

08-27-08, 07:36 AM
I'd say that it depends on your ears.

That being said though, behringer is within the (low end) pro audio gear spectrum, so you'd probably get better sound from them via SPDIF than you would through the Prelude, but then again, I haven't heard a Prelude before, so I may be wrong.

As for "noticeably clearer", it once again depends on what your perception of "noticeably clearer" is. My money would be on "no", however, and I'd just save your money :)