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08-20-08, 03:48 PM
We are currently not making this update available to end-user customers through typical distribution channels. Currently, end-user customers cannot contact Microsoft to obtain the update and cannot download the update from a Microsoft Web site. This update can be offered only by certain original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

For OEMs that have offered this update, the update will be preinstalled on new computers that are purchased after June 2008. Additionally, OEMs that have been given access to this update may choose to provide it to their customers who previously purchased computers that run Windows Vista.

OEMs that have access to this update and that choose to make this update available to customers may use different methods to communicate the availability of this update to their customers. Frequently, if an OEM is making an update available to customers, the OEM provides a CD to the customer.

only certain OEM comapanies will get these updates, so let the hunt begin, and lets find them!!

This article describes the Windows Vista Feature Pack for Wireless. This software update includes the following components or features that improve wireless support in Windows Vista: Bluetooth version 2.1 support
Unified Pairing user interface
Windows Connect Now updates
Some of these features may work with existing hardware. However, you must have new hardware to take advantage of the new functionality.


proof that Media Center TV Pack is real

Microsoft will release a new Windows Feature Pack for Storage which contains 3 technologies:

Active Storage Platform: enables the Windows platform to restrict access to portable devices (such as a USB Flash Device) via a certificate or password authentication based on the IEEE 1667 standard specification.
Image Mastering API update for Blu-Ray media: enables the Windows platform to do master style optical burning on Blu-Ray media.
Smart Card Driver: provides support for new form factors, such as ICCD/CCID.


08-20-08, 03:52 PM
wireless pack


both flavors uploaded by me

08-20-08, 04:49 PM
I've been using a (lee) Media Center Fiji for a week or so now, and even though the main features don't apply to me (I use a DVB-T card) performance seems to be improved and I used to get an intermittent error saying "No tuner found" but it hasn't happened since - I'm guessing this is due to the requirement for BDA drivers no longer applying or something.

08-20-08, 06:52 PM
What's the reasoning behind restricting these updates to OEM's?

Mr Bigman
08-20-08, 09:20 PM
I got these over the weekend and seem pretty cool.

One thing TV pack does is support QAM which i thought was good until i found out that Comcast only offers Locals through QAM.

Wireless pack is cool and ss.

08-20-08, 09:49 PM
Wheres the uploads from Microsofts website?

Mr Bigman
08-20-08, 09:54 PM
Not at MS.

I just noticed that internet tv is missing from mce now.

Is there a way of getting that back

08-22-08, 11:33 AM
Not at MS.

I just noticed that internet tv is missing from mce now.

Is there a way of getting that back

I've loaded Fiji as well, though I have the Internet TV icon. Did you follow the readme instructions by chance?

(The tv pack may or may not work without a clean install; its working for me without having a clean install)
Installation Instructions:

1. Prepare a machine with clean install of Windows Vista Service Pack 1.
1. The machine will need to meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements for Windows Vista -http://support.microsoft.com/kb/919183
2. The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 operating system must be Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (x86 or x64)
3. Following operating system install, do not launch Windows Media Center or go through Windows Media Center Setup
2. Install Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008
1. Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 (x86)
2. Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 (x64)
3. Install the PlayReady PC Runtime
1. PlayReady PC Runtime (x86) - www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=dadc6bf4-a615-4f23-a7cc-b7569c05d305&DisplayLang=en
PlayReady PC Runtime (x64) -www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=ec9ac8f4-6209-4aea-a302-d9f33a7d4f64&DisplayLang=en
4. Install the following patches from the Download Center
1. KB951685 (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/951685) - The video playback application stops responding when you watch video or Live TV on a Windows Vista-based computer
2. KB950754 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950754) - Noticeable problems occur in the video when you use the DirectSound renderer on Windows Vista
5. Install any required or recommended Windows Updates
6. Launch Windows Media Center and go through Windows Media Center Setup

Mr Bigman
08-22-08, 01:12 PM
Its all good.

I just installed a TV tuner in the rig.

I have it loaded on HTPC and runs good and now it runs good at the gaming workstation.

Im still anoid with the whole QAM thing.

I want cable networks in qam like G4 or even SPike but no all i get is the locals and maybe 1 or 2 QAM channels like NBATV.

Alls good though.

Mr Bigman
08-22-08, 03:42 PM
I did it on 3 systems and works fine.

Just make sure your system is free of spyware or viruses and hyjacks and make sure you have a TV tuner installed.

They just say that so that their is no work to fall on them.

08-22-08, 04:26 PM
I also put it on my brother's recently installed Vista 32-bit (but not completely fresh) and it worked fine too.

08-22-08, 10:06 PM
Guys, you might want to read this:

Response by Jeff Tucker of eHome:
No one is being accused of anything, and I'm not going to argue semantics. I was merely making a statement pertaining to the current relationship that eHome has with the TGB community. We have been accused of making false promises, betraying users, and intentionally making decisions to alienate the community. Add to that the expectations around the TV Pack, and the impact to the community when expectations were not met... I just wanted to get it all out on the table in the most transparent way possible. I wasn't trying to insult anyone or feed into the current negativity. I was just being REAL about the situation. I'll substitue the word "pirated" with "unofficially obtained" if that makes you feel better.

That said. Here are the facts:

* eHome clearly has an interest in the Community and what you have to say. We know you don't always agree, but our acquisition of TGB illustrates that we understand that it will take a solid partnership with our enthusiast community in order for us to truly succeed. We have a plan to invest in improving the site, growing eHome participation, and enabling efficient communication and information management within TGB and the eHome team.
* The TV Pack release has gone through several evolutions over time, and in the end... we could not deliver everything our enthusiast community was expecting. We could, however, deliver a really great OEM experience, and do it in parallel with our efforts for the next major windows release (which like it or not... IS our primary release vehicle at the moment).
* While the TV Pack is only supported via OEM, an RTM copy was leaked by a user that broke their NDA. This happens to be a completely unsupported update package that has no uninstall, limited hardware support, and several untested scenarios.
* Links to the download were posted on TGB, and conversation was rampant about the "unofficially obtained" RTM update package. I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not saying that individuals with the update are being accused of anything... but I am saying that the users leaking this are breaking their NDA.
* Microsoft has chosen not to remove the links or cease the conversations.

All of these facts (from the communities perspective) have led to rampant speculation about whether we leaked it ourselves or if there are other sinister plans in the works. The fact is... we had a decision to make when this got leaked. We could do one of two things...

Option A: Ignore everything I have been saying about letting the site operate as it did before, and delete the links and cease conversations.

Option B: Stick to my word and refuse to censor this site.

We decided to go with Option B. Anything else would have essentially destroyed what little trust I have built with the community, and I fought like crazy to make sure that free-speech reigns. I saw this as a victory for the community, but apparently it caused more problems than it was worth to most of you. I just want to let the community be free, and talk about anything they like... even software that is "unofficially obtained".