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08-21-08, 07:32 PM
my nvidia 650i went up in flames , so i got a msi p45neo3 board ,it just does not like to oc , i had my e6320 running at 2.9 ghz , on this board all i can get is 2.1 , if any on e has a guide/sugestion please respond . ive just joined the msi forum ,so dont bother pointing me there , it (mobo) wont let me change the voltages or set my multiplyer beyond 7 ?

heres what i got

msi p45 neo3
4 gig patriot pc6400 ram
sony dvd rw
maxtor ultra ata 133 hdd
vista 64bit basic

08-21-08, 08:12 PM
You can't set higher multipliers on normal Intel CPUs, only Extreme Edition CPUs. Whatever the default multiplier is, that's as high as you can go, so that part shouldn't be any different with your new board.

The voltages though... there has to be a voltage\vcore setting. The only boards I've seen in the past 5 years that haven't had voltage adjustments of any kind were OEM boards in prebuilt PCs.

There has to be something.

Will it not let you run it any higher than 2.1? Or is it crashing when you try to set it higher? If its crashing or erroring, then you need more voltage or its overheating.

08-21-08, 11:35 PM

08-22-08, 01:12 AM
I think its the MSI board and the 300/1200FSB (I don't know what's up with MSI and this frequency)... You have to increase FSB voltage for anything higher than that... Is there an option for VTT FSB voltage in the bios? Also, F4 reveals any hidden settings. Disable DOT control, set everything on manual and give it another go...